Iron removal cartridge "SVOD-BLU"
ресурс: до 70 000 л
price: 383 UAH
Iron removal cartridge "SVOD-BLU"
Iron removal cartridge "SVOD-BLU"
Cartridge "SVOD-BLU" Iron removal is designed to remove iron from tap water.
As a result of using the cartridge, the content of ferrous and trivalent iron is reduced to the normative indications (0.2-0.3 mg / l), manganese in water is removed, the formation of rusty drips on the plumbing is prevented, the metallic smell and taste are removed from the water.
When installed in a drinking water purification system, it is recommended to place it after a mechanical cleaning filter.
Suitable for all standard 10 " flasks.
Size - 10 inches
Resource - up to 70,000 liters *

Processed water temperature: +5 ... +40 ° С
Service life (cartridge) - 1 year
Shelf life (cartridge) - 3 years
* Subject to water compliance with GOST "Drinking water"
* With increased values ​​of iron (Fe), the resource can be determined from the graph in Fig. 2

Iron removal cartridge "SVOD-BLU"
Iron removal cartridge "SVOD-BLU"