Reverse Osmosis Filter "SVOD-BLU" UNIVERSAL (RO-6) with mineralizer and pump
price: 6,606 UAH
Reverse Osmosis Filter "SVOD-BLU" UNIVERSAL (RO-6) with mineralizer and pump
Reverse Osmosis Filter "SVOD-BLU" UNIVERSAL (RO-6) with mineralizer and pump
For water networks with a weak pressure of water!

Number of stages of cleaning - 6
Productivity - 7.9 liters of drinking water per hour
Capacity of a membrane - 50
Complete with mineralizer and pump
The tap is a drop
Tank material - metal
Working pressure - 0,5 -3,0 atm.
Operating temperature - 4-40 ° С
  1. Filtering module
  2. A tank of clean water (total volume is 10 liters, a useful volume is 8 liters)
  3. Drinking water tap
  4. Input clutch with water supply tap for connecting the filter to the water supply
  5. The ball valve of the accumulator (tank) of clean water
  6. Booster pump (pump) to increase and control the pressure on the filter element. It is equipped with high and low pressure sensors.
  7. A set of colored tubes (5 pieces) for easy installation of the filter
  8. Drain Clamp
  9. Flow limiter
  10. A set of prefilter cartridges (1, 2, 3 steps)
  11. The membrane element
  12. Keys for replacing cartridges and membranes
Water purification steps:
The incoming water first passes through three pre-cleaning cartridges, which are designed to remove sand, silt, rust and other suspended particles, as well as residual chlorine, organic and organochlorine compounds.
The fourth stage is the reverse osmosis membrane, which at the molecular level purifies water of 99% of impurities, incl. bacteria and viruses. Purified water enters a tank of clean water, and "dirty water" is diverted.
The fifth stage is a coal post-filter, which is filled with activated carbon and absorbs dissolved gases in water, improving the taste qualities of the water stored in the tank.
The sixth stage - the mineralizer - corrects the pH level to the value of 6.5 - 8, and enriches the purified water with mineral salts necessary for the human body, such as chlorides and bicarbonates of calcium, magnesium, sodium and potassium, in amounts comparable to the concentrations of these salts in mineral waters, which are located in grocery stores.
The system, built on the basis of reverse osmosis, is one of the most advanced and provides the highest quality of purified water. The highest water purification rates and low operating costs make this system an absolute leader among others.

This system is designed for high-quality additional treatment of cold water for domestic purposes!
It is forbidden to use this system with water of unknown chemical and bacteriological composition!
Reverse Osmosis Filter "SVOD-BLU" UNIVERSAL (RO-6) with mineralizer and pump
Reverse Osmosis Filter "SVOD-BLU" UNIVERSAL (RO-6) with mineralizer and pump